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Started by eldron, July 02, 2019, 20:52:35

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I was wondering if there is a way of increasing the map resolution by map type or for individual maps.
Because of the screen resolution on my phone all online maps and downloaded (non vector) maps have tiny writing, so I always use the "increase map resolution" quick button. It´s great to have that, but for me it would make more sense to just have a setting that always increases the map resolution when a raster map is loaded - or at least a way of setting this in the map options.
I also use a raster map as my global map, as it works much better (loads faster and the city names are shown properly). So every time I zoom out I can´t read anything until I use the quick button.
Am I just missing some obvious setting or is this not implemented yet?


Settings > Maps > Advanced > Magnify all maps

But have you got Optimise turned on?
Settings > Maps > Advanced > Optimise

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Hi John,
thanks for the quick reply, but I don´t have either of those settings. Under Maps>Advanced I only have "Increase Map Resolution" (which is the same as the quick button that I am using and has the disadvantage that it also increases the vector map resolution), "Map Shading" and "Map Color Mode".
So I am not sure where to find those settings...?


Well, once again Menion was too fast.
I hadn´t updated Locus for maybe two month and it looks like the feature I was looking for was implemented in the meantime.  :D


I have now tested the new "optimise" feature and I find it very useful. I´d prefer to be able to set the zoom level myself though, as optimise chooses 300% and i´d prefer a bit less. Maybe we´ll get that in some future release.
I´d also prefer if the "global map" would only kick in for offline maps, as I am not sure how useful that feature is when you are using an online map.


Do not know if too fast, I worked on this around half of the year, but yes, it's done.

Resolution is chosen automatically based on device DPI, currently, I do not plan to allow its modification, but who knows.

With the world map, it is an interesting idea. I'll have to think about it, thanks.
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