Geocaching4Locus and list problem

Started by JohnCNA, June 10, 2019, 04:36:07

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I have 3.0.2 and had an error loading a list from The list has 22 geocaches in it but it only loaded 10 of them. I do not have any filters set. I used the option online to save as a PQ and the PQ had all 22 geocaches. I downloaded the same list with another app and it got all 22 geocaches. So the list seems OK; it appears that the problem only exists with G4Locus. I made the list public so it could be looked at.

Has anyone else had an issue with importing lists?



Very old topic without response and now, some "spam" bring it back to life.

Sorry@JohnCNA for missing the answer. Without reading and examining the problem deeper, firstly check if the same problem happens with the latest version of Locus Map and Geocaching4Locus and let me know. Thanks.
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