Locus Maps Pro loading on phone when bluetooth reconnects (Galaxy Watch)

Started by Theafterfall, April 02, 2019, 12:44:04

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Hi guys, I'm using Locus Pro on my Samsung s10+ in connection with the Samsung Galaxy watch. Thanks so much for bringing the app over to Tizen! It really works great. I am having one issue however:

Every time my Galaxy watch looses Bluetooth connection with the phone (either because i turned it off or because I walked too far away) and then reconnect, the app runs in the background of my phone again (can see the L logo). To shut it down I either need to

-open locus maps on my watch and close it
-close locus maps directly on my phone

The desired behaviour would only to open the Locus Maps when selecting the locus map app on the watch. Reconnecting to the watch via Bluetooth should not trigger the phone app to open. Is this something that could be changed?

Many thanks in advance for your help :)


thank you for reporting this, it is definitely and unwanted behaviour. I will have to investigate how this could be fixed.
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so the behaviour was a bit buggy and it can still happen sometimes, but in the majority of cases this should be fixed and Locus Map should not start when the watch is reconnected if the add-on is not running.
Also if this happens in some rare circumstances, the Locus Map will hang around for around 2 minutes, doing pretty much nothing and then turn itself off again (this should have actually worked even with the previous version, no need to turn it off manually)