Trouble with Swedish WMS maps

Started by 2012, March 28, 2019, 23:26:16

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There are some Swedish government provided WMS maps for bike routes that I would like to use in Locus.

All technical information about them is available from here:

They are used for presentation in several formats on different pages of this site:

I am able to add the WMS versions in Locus with these URLs:  (background map of Sweden and northern Europe)  (data available in a large area around Gothenburg, Sweden)  (data available in a large area around Stockholm, Sweden)

As far as I can see they are WMS version 1.3.0 which as far as I understand is supported by Locus Pro.

(WMTS versions give errors when I try to add them, as I expected.)

When I use them in Locus they are (as expected) overlaid a background map. The bicycle view maps look good, the background map seems to scale wrongly in some way and looks quite "pixely".

The real problem starts when I want to move the map view around, the WMS overlay moves at another speed scale than the background layer map, creating an unintended "parallax" effect. Very cool to look at but very difficult to use as a map. :)

Something seems wrong with the scaling of these maps. Is the error on the server side, or is it Locus that does not handle them properly? Or is it something I could fix with settings/customization?

I've also been playing around with trying to add the WMTS versions as "normal" custom online maps through XML using provider URLs as examplified below, but I can't get them to work properly and I don't think it is possible really?{z}&TILEROW={y}&TILECOL={x}&FORMAT=image%2Fpng%3B%20mode=8bit


OK, further testing reveals that apparently the WMS maps work fine with every other "background" map except the first one I tried. Good news I guess! :)

The one with problems is the Swedish Lantmäteriet Topo map, available in Locus shop. I notice that it has the flag for "does not allow overlays" set, seems there is a good reason for that. A shame though, it's a very good map.

Sorry to bother you!


I made some bigger changes in the core of Locus Map application during last months and most probably after two or three months, we would like to publish a bigger update where this limitation should be removed. So later will be possible to combine all possible maps together without limit. Give us some time, but I'm sure it will work ;).
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