[minor] Locus doesn't know correct MyTracks recording state

Started by auric, May 28, 2011, 14:34:46

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I'm filing a new report for these two, just minor bugs.
When MyTracks recording is used, it appears to me that Locus looses its grip on the MyTrack recording status, mainly because Locus gets killed while the MyTracks service keeps going.
  • MyTracks recording is started within Locus and Locus is sent to the background. After a while (say: one hour, but you can manually kill Locus as well, it has the same result) you launch Locus again. The recording bar will give you the option to start recording, although recording is still running. You can hit the "start" button without any problem, but an error log will be created
  • MyTracks recording is started within Locus. Start MyTracks application itself and stop recording using MyTracks. Return to Locus. It didn't notice the recording was stopped. Hit the "Stop" button. Locus Force Closes (stacktrace in screenshot, couldn't export it as text)
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