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Started by Menion, March 18, 2019, 14:52:24

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@menion: Yeah I agree yellow road on yellow background is not very visible. I didn't choose it purposefully though, it was just what the Locus internal theme displayed. In any case, it does show the shading is getting too dark too soon. It's much the same with a LoMap and V3 renderer, though the road and background are not yellow but pale off-white.
As for the forum, I got a series of errors when I attempted to post. First, "attachment too large"; then when I changed the attachment, "posted again too soon"; then after I waited, "you have already made this post". Grrr. I had to back out and start again.

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Voluntary and Velocity themes -

Because automatic recalculation is trigger max. once per 30 seconds, ...

Knowing about this 30 secs I started a new test series ... and yes, with enough patience  ;) this is what Locus does.
But there is a second condition: recalculation only starts if you are moving.

Therefore switching programs seems to start navigation in my earlier tests ... but now I know it were the gone 30 sec and movement when I came back.

But I'm really not sure if there should be a 30sec delay ...

What is the reason for this?
Isn't the distance a better criteria?


after each start of Beta it is not possible to download PQ´s with GCtool.
I can solve it > run update of a cache, next download of PQ´s work till next start of Beta
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New Beta (.10):

  • Is the map tilting gone or is there a new setting? 2-finger drag up/down doesn't do anything for me anymore
  • Nearest Points sidebar: Probably not new, but because now POIs from vector maps are also shown in raster maps, I stumbled over it: These POIs are also shown in the sidebar, which is fine - but they have the same category as my database points. It should be possibly to deselect these as an own category in the "wrench" menu - right now, they are also "Basic points". But they're completely different source and also, other than my points, have no separate Hide/Show button. So they clutter up the sidebar. (Also, please consider once more, it's still a lot of taps to show all points in the vicinity, even when they are from different folders in the database).


I'll discuss this with Petr this week. Not sure if a little decrease in shading is necessary because of one bad combination of yellow & yellow that is not so usual.

And forum, well, next time smaller attachments. Hard to help :).
recalculation should work also when the screen is off (except known problem to me with BRouter on Android 8). Weird. 30 second is there as a simple prevention of too frequent computations. Distance is definitely not enough to limit it. Distance even a 200m in car is really short and recalculation every few seconds, hmm not sure if ideal.

right after start, thanks, I'll test it.

tilting was again removed. It was enabled by accident, sorry.

And nearest points: good point. I've added this to list of "LoPoints improvements".
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Quote from: balloni55 on May 03, 2019, 19:44:28
if i start route planner map center to Prague :-[
in my case blank map is visible, available world map isn´t loaded.
With center button inside routplanner window, map center return to last known position
Same issue for me.
If there is a uncompleted route in route planner you can continue it. But if route planner starts from fresh map center is moved to Prague - might be handy for Menion  ;) but not for users elswhere on the world.

Viajero Perdido

There was a temporary glitch with loading Pocket Queries last night.  This happened on two devices (one with Beta, one with Pro), but did not happen on a third device with Pro.  The problem was repeatable for a few minutes until suddenly it started working again.

Geocaching tools -> Load Pocket Queries
[thinks for longer than usual]
"Whoops! [very strange message and code] code: 429

Of note, I have 21 fairly full PQs available right now.  And that funny text before the "code: 429", I'm not sure that's even ASCII.

Whether this is a potential problem, you can judge better than I.

Also, in Beta, after successfully loading some PQs (no "Whoops"), I noticed it sometimes returned me to the map, sometimes returned me to the Geocaching Tools screen.  (The latter is more convenient, for loading the next set.)  Haven't yet figured out what I might've done differently.  (Dragged my finger on the screen to keep it from going asleep while processing PQs; would that change anything?)


I don't get the point why to use x trackpoints in a row. Doesn't matter what x is. Only few of them are important. For all others you must touch one of the important ones to reach.
I mean for a lot of activities you are using streets, ways etc. So all trackpoints which doesnt touch another street/way are useless to check.
But don't know if it's easy to select.

For a starting point.
A recalculation which send me back has no real information. It's always the case that a return to the missing point will bring you back on track.
For the first recalculation it might be ok to show the point you missed (?). But maybe it's a good start to assume a "no go area" behind for the following recalculations.

If user didn't follow the advice for 30 sec or over a minute. The user might have a reason to do so.The following recalculation can respect that.

As allows just an idea.

Just a quick comment.
I'm using Locus for two years now and my example shows nothing special. This is what happened quite often to me.


Viajero Perdido

I don't understand Zoom Lock.  In the beta I've assigned it to the lower-right button, and tapping it toggles between 12 / 100% and 12 / 1600% (or any other number in place of 12).

That's not intended, is it?

If it is supposed to work that way, maybe it needs another name.

Ah, I get it.  It's kind of an "alternate zoom".  I can choose 100% and other%, and toggle.


@Viajero Perdido:
(a) Taking your starting view as ZL12/100%, tap on the Zoom Lock button. View is now a magnified version of current zoom, say ZL12/1600%.
(b) Tap the [ + ] or [ - ] buttons and the magnification changes but the zoom is locked at ZL12.
(c) Now tap Zoom Lock to turn it off and display reverts to (say) ZL12/100%.
(d) Next time you tap Zoom Lock you will see the map view magnified by the same percentage as you left it with last in (b) above.
Voluntary and Velocity themes -

erfi beta: route planner starts on false position.

Andrew Heard

Quote from: john_percy on May 04, 2019, 09:36:31
when I changed the attachment, "posted again too soon"; then after I waited, "you have already made this post". Grrr. I had to back out and start again.
has happened to me on a number of occasions too; confusing & annoying the 1st few times; now I just know how to workaround it
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@tommi, @erfi
ah, thanks for the route planner issue with the center of the screen. The same issue happens also on other secondary screens with the visible map: fixed and also fixed correct map scale, thanks.

I'll have to look on this topic more this week, thanks.

@Viajero Perdido
I think I've got it. The issue with the loading of PQ fixed.
Importing of PQ files should finish on the map I think. App should load a PQ from the internet and start an import. If you want to import more PQ at once, isn't better to directly select all of them in the list?
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Since the auto backup does no longer work on my two Z1c with custom PIE ROM.
I tried all possibilities but the date of the next backup never changes. So I assume there is a problem with the "timer" and not with write rights.

On my stock LP 5.1.1 the auto backups are fine.
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Viajero Perdido

Quote from: menion on May 05, 2019, 10:04:12Importing of PQ files should finish on the map I think.
Sounds totally reasonable for most use cases.

My use case is probably less common, 7 PQs into this folder, 6 into that one, and so on.  Different folders, so different import steps.  But it's only an extra couple of taps, so I don't mind.  I mentioned it only because it seemed to be acting inconsistently.  Anyway, thanks!

PS, my opinion on slope shading:  I wouldn't lighten it tooo much.  At lower zooms, shading nicely takes the place of topo contours - which presumably disappear at such zooms.