Can't find SQLliteDB files

Started by rod, May 28, 2011, 09:07:57

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Hi there, I just bought Locus PRO a half hour ago.  Following the instructions located here I have created a basic map of Europe with only two zoom levels as a test.  I have exported from Mobile Atlas Creator and mounted my phone, and moved the SQLliteDB file to my sdcard located in Locus/maps.  Unfortunately, after disconnecting my phone from my computer and restoring its access to its sd card, then loading Locus PRO I cannot find the file, even though I am 100% sure that I am looking in the correct directory.  I have also tried restarting the phone after transfer and still have not been able to find the file.

I leave my home country of Canada Wednesday night at 11pm (5am Thursday morning CZ time) for a four month trip.  I'm hoping to have this issue resolved before then.

As a note, I have a Sony Ericsson X10a Android phone running 2.1.



hi rob, and how are you looking for the map file? If you load map into Locus/maps directory, then after start you should see for a while "initializing dialog" (did you see it?) and then map should be available in map manager screen (first top button from left and tab called "custom"). Do you have there any map? I'm sure we solve it until you go on a trip ;)
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