Locus at wrist

Started by sbouju, January 23, 2019, 10:46:42

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Has anybody tested Locus (standard app) on a 640x590 screen...?



@sbouju Hello,
we have had already some users with Android OS on their watch trying out the standard Locus Map and from what I could gather, the usability and user experience on the round display was pretty poor, even though the resolution was probably lower.
Improved usability on the Android OS devices with round displays would probably require not exactly trivial UI changes and it is not currently planned.
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I tried it on a Thor 6 running Android 7. It required switching between the round screen and square screen, back and forth. Even then some buttons were hard to press with small screens, some menus could not be fully accessed, and some functions were completely missing.  I was about to geocache with it but it was not easy.   


This is a huge disadvantage with all round watches
a phone like ticwris max might be more suitable.
I tried it with an emulator at the correct resolution and that seemed to work ( 640x480 for the max)