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Started by zossebart, December 14, 2018, 13:41:56

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According to this blogpost on (, OAM plans to stop producing v3 vector maps as of mid 2019.

Fortunately, Locus is able to deal with v4 maps (provided as "ML" - maps from OAM) using the standard mapsforge v4 library (without the Locus-specific enhancements like automatic map loading). Btw.: what other enhancements does the Locus v3 implementation offer compared to the default v4 implementation? I remember something like rendering speed optimizations...what else?

The other thing is themes...currently I use some really nice Locus-specific themes I don't want to miss. I'd like to start a list of OAM-compatible themes and the availability of v4-versions. I try to update the list when I or others find out more details...

themev4 version
HiLoin development, called 'active RT'
outdoorX (outdoor/desert/navigation)outdoorV4 and desertV4 available, will be further developed


Link to OAM post in English:

Locus enhancement for v3 includes
- controllable intelligent scaling (resolution-aware) of text, symbols on zooming
- proper treatment of dotted or dashed lines on zooming, so visual spacing stays constant
- fancy labels for roads etc
- ability to display contour lines as smoothed curves
- ability to render elevation text of contour lines "looking up the hill" (switch off rotation of pathtext for "normal" viewing)
- uppercase transformation of text
- dx shift of path text
- dy shift of pathtext understands if text has been rotated for "normal" viewing
- speed enhancements

Someone can probably add to this list which I've just done from the top of my head

Voluntary and Velocity themes -


Well, some of that lies in Locus and can be replicated by Menion once he gets serious to move ahead with V4 (incl. MF POI DBs - address DB would stay Locus "private" in any case, I suppose).
Some other useful stuff from your list Menion should contribute to Mapsforge base, which has been a kickstart for Asamm initially ...


Thanks @john_percy for your feedback on the special Locus enhancements!
There is a main thread for mapsforge v4+ development now...but I'd like to keep this thread open because it's about themes and I think not all v3 themes (especially the themes which use locus-specific enhancements) will work with v4 library.

I guess we have to wait for menions actions in the next months and try themes again when there are new (beta) versions available...


I also tried several times V4 maps from OpenAndroMaps (the ML version). And I stopped doing so, because some parts of the maps stay white depending on the zoom level.

I just made some snapshots with Locus Map Pro 3.37.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini.

Here the map Alps Ost in the ML (V4) version with the theme Elevate for bicycles:

Here the map Alps Ost in the old (V3) version with the theme Elevate LE for bicycles:

I only get the problem with with tiles with V4 maps. I tried different themes and always get the same white tiles. I got the problem with all ML maps that I tried.


Hello jerome,
if possible, leave it be for a while. The whole system around maps will completely change probably in the end of May (based on this topic: ).
So a) try and check what we discuss in the mentioned topic or just b) wait till new version with these changes. Thanks.
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems):
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download


Updated list in first post (DesertX and TOTM)


developer of Elevate mapstyle for OpenAndroMaps


Is there a definitive guide to the usage of these tags anywhere?

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Voluntary and Velocity themes -


Quote from: john_percy on April 28, 2019, 14:19:38
Is there a definitive guide to the usage of these tags anywhere?
The best thing is still this:
That's a reason why I made the table, to have at least a complete overview. Of course one can add a lot to it, but it's a start.
developer of Elevate mapstyle for OpenAndroMaps
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Nice, with the release of TOTM v4, there is a v4 version for all the themes in my list now! Thank you to all theme developers for migrating to v4!

Are there other themes which are not converted to v4 yet?