full backup: maps and vector maps included?

Started by sweetman, September 24, 2018, 23:35:13

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Hello all,
I'm ready to reset my phone to default, wiping all data because it begins to get unresponsive.
Before doing this, I would like to do a full locus backup to another external device (windows 10, for example).
I know I can backup locus settings, but is that enough to restore all my settings (including maps and vector maps) on a clean phone?
What are the correct steps to get locus fully functional after wiping phone data and reinstalling Locua from the store?


due to (possible) huge size of maps, they are not included in generated backups.
Please check this manual: http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:faq:move_to_new_device_sd_card
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