Default set up - one click?

Started by alanmcd, September 18, 2018, 04:59:35

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I use locus the same way very often (most often). This is the setup/clicks
1. double tap for options
2. click rotate
3. click rotate again from popup
4. click locate
5. click +/- to get close to my desired zoom
6. click lock
7. click Lock the Zoom - this always moves the zoom away from the previous zoom, so
8. several (sometimes) clicks to re-adjust the zoom to my previous choice
9. sometimes the zoom does not actually zoom the map (vector zoom) it jumps into a raster view and I have to go in and out to get back the proper clarity.
10. click record
11. click dashboard (because it often seems to just disappear and not stay on)

In all it takes about 15 clicks or more to get my screen the way I want it.
Is there a way to get all this done in one click by setting default a view? Or at least a good part of it?


Hi Alan
i think some of your whishes can be done by using "presets"[]=preset

BTW: 2+3, do once a long click on rotate button and select "rotate"

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Thanks - these options get me closer