Custom screen list - please use identifying icons

Started by svartbjorn, May 25, 2011, 10:29:33

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Today there are 4 custom screens included and I can remember the difference between them. But as the number of custom screens grow, it can be hard to remember the differences. In the list of skins, a unique icon, like the one for MaleSmurf, can help a lot. The other skins are all using the standard Locus Free icon. Please make a unique icon for these as well Also. would it be an idea to double the height of each line in this list, making room for a 4x larger icon (which may be could be a screen shot)?


firstly - these three skins from me are really ugly :) they are there only as samples and I hope that someone will create something much nicer.
secondly, together with one friend we start to prepare system for sharing, rating etc of these skins, which should help to create much wider selection. About some screenshot ... yes this is nice idea but we hope that this all will be in "addon" ... so be patient, this is really early beta version :)
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