crash on long track export and/or display?

Started by ohgood, July 26, 2018, 14:48:23

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happens anytime I try to export a long track. this track is created from a LOT of tracks that were merged into one (using locus merge function) , ending with 7,500+ miles of tracks to display.

it will crash /hang when trying to display that merged track, or exporting. I can see the statistics, but that is all.

any hints/help ?

(the reason for merging all these tracks is because I'm trying to find a away report ALL of my tracks to get a running total)


If you want to get the stats only, activate the appropriate tracks in a folder in trackmanager. Under "arrow up" you will find "statistics"...


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Hard to say what is wrong with @ohgood track. Most probably, there will be some error on background that may be visible in log (so create a log if possible).

Anyway, the current (not ideal) correct method is as Christian suggested.
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