navigation: voice guidance stops when screen off

Started by nickoski, July 01, 2018, 23:41:41

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asus Zenfone 3, oreo 8.1 / resurrection remix custom ROM
locus 3.31.3 / navigation by Brouter 1.4.11
settings / gps&sensors/ GPS ON for guidance: on

As soon as i switch the screen off voice guidance stops working, i.e. no voice notifications like "go left/right".
When i switch it on again voice guidance starts to work again.

(No such issues with screen off and voice in other apps like Osmand+Brouter, TomTom)

Any solution?



When i activate "settings / misc / locus as service" the issue seems solved: voice guidance still there when screen off.

What is this service for and why does it have to be activated?
Does it drain the battery unnecessary?