Are there plans to make more external Bluetooth sensors accessible?

Started by alklecks, June 12, 2018, 16:03:48

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in particular I am wondering if there are any plans to make use of sensors burried in "smartwatches"... I recently bought an Amazfit BIP and this thing has a nice little barometric sensor build in which I would like to use to get more accuate height readings.
If there is a way to connect it to Locus already -- I have not found it.





Good day alklecks,
this is little un-usuall use case. Sensors in watches usually (for now "always" as I know) does not use common communication with a phone like do any specialized "heart rate monitors" or "barometric sensors". So it is little complicated to send such data from watches to the mobile device (Locus).
So for now, this is not planned.
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