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Started by MissSofie, June 10, 2018, 17:15:11

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Dear all,
I love Locus and use it (pro version) almost exclusively with Nops Wanderreitkarte. Every half year or so I download tiles and refresh older ones via Locus - up to the limit that I see in Locus. Obviously NOP is unhappy with Locus users:

"Leider wurden in letzter Zeit zunehmend Massendownloads mit der App Locus registriert, die weit über die verträglichen Mengen hinausgehen. Eigentlich sollte Locus so etwas gemäß Vereinbarung gar nicht zulassen. Da die Entwickler von Locus auf mehrere Kontaktversuche nicht reagiert haben, mußte ich die Notbremse ziehen: Der Server blockt Locus jetzt wie jeden anderen unbegrenzten Massendownloader. "

Could you please please try to solve this issue wit NOP?
I guess that I am not the only NOP-addict here, but a search in this forum did not show up any posts regarding this recent problem.

Best regards,



I'm sorry for troubles. It's quite sad because I already sent two emails to Nop but I don't have any response from him. We use limits in Locus Map to avoid bulk downloading. It seems that the Nop's blocking mechanism is more restrictive but it's complicated to tune it without communication with him. Could I ask you:
- how many tiles did you downloaded before the blocking mechanism appears?
- is the block unlocked after 24 hours?

I'd like to offer some solution but the best one is probably do not use Wanderreit map - for example LoMaps are generated from the same data.
If is the wanderreit vital for you it's possible to purchase unlock key at https://www.wanderreitkarte.de/shop_abo_de.php (purchased key can be used in Locus)

Thank you


It says on his website that he is taking some time off from the 23rd of April until the 24th June. Maybe that´s why you can´t reach him?


When I started this thread, I had encountered "access blocked" without having downloaded anything in the previous days. That´s why I was so shocked and interpreted the hint on Nops page as "the map in lo longer useable, online and offline".
Now it seems that it is still available online - maybe I had a cache bug.
Yesterday, I even downloaded 109 tiles via Locus.
Then, after moving around the map a little, "access" blocked" appeared again. Today the online map is available again. I won´t download anything.

Other maps are ok, I use them for comparison/double-checking, but they don´t show the official trail markings - this feels a little like suggesting "get a cat" to a dog owner... ;)
I will get the unlock key.


I'd like to mention that we're in touch with nop from yesterday. We'll try to find out why are users blocked after loading 100 tiles. Maybe is problem in Locus maybe is in  the Nop's blocking mechanism.

BTW: please upgrade on the latest 3.31.1 where is new internal counter for wanderreit map.


I can tell about that wanderreit maps that I bought that unlock key some years ago and still got that blocking.
I was quite disappointed that time and after some tries in vain to get unblocked I just never used those maps anymore.
The "owner" is very restrictive and I guess his efforts to block user who might misuse his wholy maps are much higher in costs than those server costs he suffers ;)

There are better maps. The normal OSM maps do have all data for hiking and ride.
They are source for wanderreit anyway.
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Good day franc,
sorry to hear that these maps cause such troubles. We tried last weeks together with Petr to satisfy all Wanderreit owner wishes and fix some possible problems with unwanted overloading of his server.
With the latest version, I believe all major problems should be solved.
Anyway, you wrote that OSM maps have all the details you need. May you compare from your own experience LoMaps or any other vector maps (OpenAndroMaps for example) with these wanderreit maps? We have own opinion on their visual style, but I'm curious of they contain also some extra data or just data available in public OpenStreetMap system. Thanks for the response.
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