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Started by Rob, May 20, 2011, 09:52:56

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pasted from troubles section:

can you do, that images linked to a poi or track will be exported as well when exporting track or points ?


this should be of course possible. into kml files, i'm placing html code so i can include link into this, but what about gpx? don't you have any examples?

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Good to hear that its possible.

I think my thought "track with foto" was wrong, because fotos always are linked to a point and not to a track. Therefore my proposal is:
1.  Recorded Points with or without fotos should be linked to a track and not only to a category
2. For export it would be nice to select:
   + Points only (incl. Fotos)
   + Track only
   + Track incl points linked to a track as a "full set of recording"

One idea is also: Starting to record a track creates a subdirectory which incl gpx track, kml points and the images taken to points. Directoryname=trackname. Than you can export the whole directory and you have all information at once.
Edit: and the routeplanning should also be in this Directory.

Hope I explained well enough.
What do you think about this?


Hi Menion,
without pushing you: had you have time to think about my idea? Together with the current "auto-export" feature it would be so nice, to have "all in one" exportet.