Google Location Provider (Network, Wi-Fi position) not working - Help and Tip?

Started by Condor, May 09, 2018, 17:33:25

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Hello people,
Google's location service has stopped working. (GPS is OK).
Network and WiFi location service.
I've been staring for google for two days ... nothing.
Things like reinstal google play, google services, google maps, cache and data removal, restart, softreset, check localization permission ...
None of that helped.
I do not want Hardreset yet.

I'll be grateful for any other tip or help.

(HTC One M9, Android 7.0)

Zdravím ľudia,
Prestala mi fungovať služba určovania polohy google podla siete. (GPS je OK).
Servis polohy zo siete a WiFi.
Dva dni hladam na google... nič.
Veci ako reinstal google play, google služby, mapy google, Odstranenie cache a data, restart, softreset, kontrola povolení lokalizacie...
Nič z toho nepomohlo.
Hardreset zatiaľ nechcem.

Budem vďačný za akykoľvek ďalši tip alebo pomoc.

(HTC One M9, Android 7.0)


"Not working" is based on what? That Locus does not display green dashed circle as your network/wi-fi location?
As I know, this feature is affected by only single settings in your device > this one:

No Google service or any such stuff should have an effect here. Did you tried different application, like Google Maps etc?
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Menion thanks for answer and interest  :)

Mode "Battery saving" (network, WiFi) does not work.
Determining the approximate position does not work for:
Locus, weather, news, sense, profile, etc. Everything!  >:(

These services are running.
What else is missing?



As I wrote, Google Services stuff should have no effect here.
Requirements: "wifi, network" location source enabled in settings, enabled and connected wi-fi or valid mobile signal. All seems to be correct on your device.
Hmm I'm searching some info mainly around "network provider does not work", but really, no useful info.

I may only offer small help. You may try to enable "Wi-fi, network" location source only ("battery saving" on my screenshot), then restart the device. After that immediately start Locus, turn on location sats screen and if no location appears during the first minute, create me a log like when Locus Map crash. In log should be (maybe) some information why no location was received.
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I think this section is of interest to us.
I share the entire report on G-disk.
Once again great thanks for your willingness.

    == End ContextManager State ==

SERVICE ds.cpuoverlay/.service.CoolToolService 91257a0 pid=8641
    nothing to dump

SERVICE bda1091 pid=3100

SERVICE 398a681 pid=2546
    nothing to dump

SERVICE ed4ac97 pid=3100
     value of min_vehicle_speed_mps is 12.0
     value of sigma_scale_distance_threshold is 0.5
     value of min_synthetic_smd_delivery is 5000
     value of flp_use_nlp_batching is true
     value of ignore_smd_for_throttling is false
     value of flp_allowed_delivery_age_ms is 15000
     value of flp_min_ar_screen_off_or_no_high_accuracy_interval_ms is 30000
     value of flp_min_ar_screen_on_high_accuracy_interval_ms is 0
     value of flp_smd_switch_interval_factor is 1.0
     value of attach_wifi_scan_proximity_ns is 0
     value of flp_populate_location_status is true
     value of flp_background_request_min_interval_ms is 0
     value of flp_background_batch_request_min_interval_ms is 0
     value of flp_background_batch_request_min_wait_ms is 0
     value of flp_wifi_throttle_balanced_min_interval_ms is 60000
     value of battery_saver_mode is 0
     value of flp_low_power_mode_min_interval_ms is 300000
     value of flp_low_power_mode_min_priority is 102
     value of flp_wifi_connection_throttle_enabled is false
     value of flp_low_power_mode_reject_background_location is false
     value of flp_use_pdr_with_gps_position is true
     value of flp_use_pdr is true
     value of flp_enable_pdr_only_when_screen_on is false
     value of flp_use_gps_wifi_fusion is true
     value of flp_fusion_use_per_device_gps_accuracy_normalization is true
     value of analytics_enabled is false
     value of enable_device_owner_app_lowd_suppression is true
     value of lowd_text_en is
     value of lowd_is_cancelable is false
     value of lowd_fix_enabled is true
     value of location_request_fastest_interval_factor is 0.0
     value of disable_fastest_interval_factor_when_fastest_interval_explicitly_set is false
     value of no_power_min_fastest_interval_millis is 0
     value of non_high_power_min_request_interval_millis is 0
     value of fop_sensor_sampling_period_milliseconds is 20
     value of fop_max_error_degrees_high_accuracy is 45
     value of fop_max_error_degrees_medium_accuracy is 60
     value of fop_max_error_degrees_low_accuracy is 90
     value of fop_min_change_error_degrees_for_level_update is 10
     value of fop_log_collection_period_ms is 86400000
     value of fop_log_sampling_rate is 0.0
     value of fop_request_log_sampling_rate is 1.0
     value of enabe_wifi_delegation_chre is true
     value of enabe_settings_sync_chre is true
     value of enable_on_demand_wifi_scan_chre is false
     value of enable_wifi_connection_status_sync_chre is false
     value of enable_hardware_geofencing_olivet is true
     value of enable_chre_geofencing is false
     value of chre_geofencing_reserve_slots is 0
     value of flp_geofence_enable_hal_debug is false
     value of force_hardware_geofence_when_available is false
     value of use_hardware_geofence_when_unavailable is false
     value of flp_fusion_gps_request_time_period_sec is 1
     value of flp_fusion_wifi_request_time_period_sec is 5
     value of flp_fusion_near_indoor_gps_snr_threshold is 25
     value of flp_enable_sensorfusion_logs is true
     value of flp_background_throttle_min_priority is 102
     value of flp_forced_background_apps is,
     value of flp_forced_background_except_high_accuracy_apps is
value of flp_background_whitelist_apps is
     value of flp_background_whitelist_gcore_modules is,,,,,,,
     value of location_trigger_mode is 2
     value of location_trigger_fresh_period_threshold is 0.4
     value of location_trigger_fresh_period_threshold_background is 1.0
     value of flp_background_always_whitelist_gcore_modules is
     value of flp_screen_on_location_enabled is false
     value of flp_screen_on_high_accuracy_mode_enabled is true
     value of flp_location_staleness_threshold_millis is 600000
     value of flp_minimum_screen_on_location_request_time_delta_millis is 60000
     value of flp_nlp_usage_audit_log_enabled is false
     value of flp_apply_satellite_extras_fix is true
     value of enable_location_off_warning_dialog is true
     value of do_not_show_location_off_dialog_when_running_test_harness is true
     value of lowd_min_battery_level_pct is 0.3
     value of lowd_min_backoff_millis is 86400000
     value of lowd_max_backoff_millis is 2592000000
     value of lowd_backoff_growth_factor is 2
     value of lowd_clearcut_sampling_rate is 0.1
     value of location_analytics_tracking_id is UA-44492294-1
     value of geofence_minimum_alert_interval is 0
     value of location_quality_flp_stats_collection_period_ms is 86400000
     value of location_quality_flp_stats_sampling_rate is 0.1
     value of location_quality_flp_jump_speed_threshold is 40
     value of location_quality_flp_sample_logs_sampling_rate is 0.001
     value of location_quality_battery_usage_logs_sampling_rate is 0.1
     value of location_quality_flp_sample_logs_max_per_period is 15
     value of location_quality_availability_sampling_rate is 0.01
     value of location_default_wakeLock_timeout_millis is 60000
     value of flp_enable_tango is false
     value of flp_tango_cloudadf is use_cloud:AIzaSyBOi0XFAGTTyDx2SiJiPzuCqh8bnTkMVHU
     value of placesserver_timeout_millis is 10000
     value of placesserver.cache_enabled is false
     value of placesserver.verbose_logging is true
     value of placesserver.apiary_trace is
     value of placesserver.url is
     value of placesserver.api_path is /placesandroid/v1/
     value of placesserver.auth_scope is
     value of placesserver.backend_override is
     value of throttled_geofence_location_interval is 300
     value of geofence_mininum_radius is 80
     value of geofence_mininum_responsiveness is 300000
     value of user_domain is unknown
     value of geocoder_twiddle_component is true
     value of use_gdpr_approved_gls_consent_strings is true
     value of show_location_accuracy_settings is true
     value of turn_location_off_when_disagree_to_nlp_consnet_dialog is true
     value of flp_enable_hal_debug is false
     value of flp_hal_mode is 5
     value of flp_hal_board_background_whitelist is MSM8226,MSM8974,MSM8994,MSM8610,APQ8084,MSM8084,MSM8992,MSM8996
     value of flp_hal_board_foreground_whitelist is MSM8226,MSM8974,MSM8994,MSM8610,APQ8084,MSM8084,MSM8992,MSM8996
     value of max_flphal_version is 2147483647
     value of flp_hal_balanced_one_minute_ma is 5.0
     value of flp_hal_low_one_minute_ma is 3.0
     value of flp_hal_max_gps_accuracy_meters is 100.0
     value of flp_high_power_gps_pulse_ms is 30000
     value of flp_smd_interval_threshold_ms is 360000
     value of flp_throttle_when_still is true
     value of flp_min_distance_meters is 5.0
     value of flp_throttle_when_still_interval_ms is 300000
     value of flp_throttle_smallest_priority is 102
     value of flp_use_software_batching is true
     value of flp_min_interval_to_pulse_gps_ms is 45000
     value of vehicle_activity_timeout_ms is 300000
     value of min_still_time_ms is 20000
     value of num_still_locations_threshold is 2

    Geofencer State:
    Registered geofences:
        <none>SystemMemoryCache for
     type = 2
     id = acb2ce2d-65cb-4ed7-b121-bd4853df659d
     cacheData = []

    UniqueIds in use: 0
    Dump of hardware geofencing:
        Class is RealBlockingGeofenceHardware, monitoringType=0, limit=50
        Supported=true, available=true, enabled on this device=true
        Registered geofences:
    Dump of CHRE hardware geofencing:
        Class is BlockingChreGeofenceHardware, limit=-1
        Enabled on this device=false
        Registered geofences:
    Location update interval=-1s
    Dump of ActivityDetector:
    Dump of current state:
     total records=39
     rec[0]: time=05-09 23:49:20.142 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_REMOVE_GEOFENCE_CMD
     rec[1]: time=05-09 23:49:20.146 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_REMOVE_GEOFENCE_CMD
     rec[2]: time=05-09 23:49:22.943 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_QUERY_LOCATION_OPT_IN_CMD
     rec[3]: time=05-09 23:49:22.947 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_QUERY_LOCATION_OPT_IN_CMD
     rec[4]: time=05-09 23:49:22.948 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_QUERY_LOCATION_OPT_IN_CMD
     rec[5]: time=05-09 23:49:23.111 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_QUERY_LOCATION_OPT_IN_CMD
     rec[6]: time=05-09 23:49:23.133 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_QUERY_LOCATION_OPT_IN_CMD
     rec[7]: time=05-09 23:49:23.159 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_QUERY_LOCATION_OPT_IN_CMD
     rec[8]: time=05-09 23:49:23.189 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_QUERY_LOCATION_OPT_IN_CMD
     rec[9]: time=05-09 23:50:15.968 processed=DisabledState org=DisabledState dest=<null> what=SM_PREPARE_DUMP_CMD
    No active CHRE wifi scanning
    No active CHRE settings listener
    Has active CHRE connection status listener : false. Connected : false

    ContextHub State:
      NullContextHub is being used.
    Fused Location Provider State:
    Current System Time: 05-09 23:50:16, Current Elapsed Time: 3m52s362ms
    Location Settings:
      GPS: false
      NLP: false

      failoverState: false
      enabled: true
        GpsPulse[requested=false, enabled=false, start(ERT)=220504ms, clients=[], interval=1000ms, trigger=true, minpulse=45000ms]
        Passive[requested=true, enabled=true, start(ERT)=50826ms, clients=[]]
        StepDetector[requested=false, enabled=true, clients=[]]
        Nlp[requested=true, enabled=false, start(ERT)=104694ms, clients=[], interval=120000ms, trigger=false, debug info=true]
        NlpLowPower[requested=false, enabled=false, clients=[], interval=MAX, trigger=false, debug info=false]
        ActivityRecognition[requested=false, enabled=true, start(ERT)=220504ms, clients=[], interval=30000ms, trigger=true, debug info=false]
      last locations:
        fused: null
        fused(coarse): null
        gps: null
        network: null
        network(coarse): null
    FusedPositionKalmanFusion: gpsNormalization=1.0 Kalman active: false
    FailOverFusion:activity{time(ns)=220673000000, activity=STILL} time(ns): {primary=0,failover=0}
    FilteringFusion based on CELL position.
      activity stationary engine throttling: moving
      wifi stationary engine throttling: moving

    Active Location Requests:
      Request[PRIORITY_NO_POWER fastest=180000ms] tag=places_signal_manager hideAppOps=true clients=[] forceCoarseLocation=false numDeliveries=0 lastDelivery(ERT)=0ms foreground
      Request[PRIORITY_BALANCED_POWER_ACCURACY requested=120000ms fastest=15000ms maxWait=600000ms] tag=ulr hideAppOps=false clients=[] forceCoarseLocation=false exemptFromBackgroundThrottle numDeliveries=0 lastDelivery(ERT)=0ms foreground
      Request[PRIORITY_NO_POWER fastest=0ms] tag=SingletonLocationProducer hideAppOps=false clients=[] forceCoarseLocation=false numDeliveries=0 lastDelivery(ERT)=0ms foreground

    Location Request History By Package:
    Tracked duration 3[minutes]
    Interval effective/min/max 0/0/0[s] Duration: 2[minutes] [, PRIORITY_NO_POWER, SingletonLocationProducer] Num requests: 1 Active: true
    Interval effective/min/max 1/1/1[s] Duration: 0[minutes] [, PRIORITY_HIGH_ACCURACY] Num requests: 3 Active: false
    Interval effective/min/max 120/120/120[s] Duration: 2[minutes] [, PRIORITY_BALANCED_POWER_ACCURACY, ulr] Num requests: 1 Active: true
    Interval effective/min/max 3600/3600/3600[s] Duration: 0[minutes] [, PRIORITY_NO_POWER, places_signal_manager] Num requests: 1 Active: true

    FLP WakeLock Count:
      remove updates overlay: 1 (2%)
      request updates overlay: 14 (28%)
      received AR result: 4 (8%)
      fusion engine enabled: 1 (2%)
      fusion engine set requests: 9 (18%)
      fusion engine set callback: 1 (2%)
      fusion engine getLastLocation: 5 (10%)
      init system cache: 1 (2%)
      dump: 1 (2%)
      requestLocationUpdates: 6 (12%)
      removeLocationUpdates: 7 (14%)

    Event Log:
    05-09 23:50:08: Stopped NLP updates
    05-09 23:50:08: Removed location request []
    05-09 23:50:04: Stopped NLP updates
    05-09 23:50:04: Delivered UNSUCCESSFUL status []
    05-09 23:50:04: Added location request []
    05-09 23:49:20: Delivered UNSUCCESSFUL status []
    05-09 23:49:20: Added location request []
    05-09 23:48:54: Stopped NLP updates
    05-09 23:48:54: Removed location request []
    05-09 23:48:49: Stopped NLP updates
    05-09 23:48:49: Delivered UNSUCCESSFUL status []
    05-09 23:48:49: Added location request []
    05-09 23:48:48: Stopped NLP updates
    05-09 23:48:48: Removed location request []
    05-09 23:48:18: Stopped NLP updates
    05-09 23:48:18: Delivered UNSUCCESSFUL status []
    05-09 23:48:18: Added location request []
    05-09 23:48:11: Delivered UNSUCCESSFUL status []
    05-09 23:48:11: Added location request []
    05-09 23:48:08: Stopped NLP updates
    05-09 23:48:08: Delivered UNSUCCESSFUL status []
    05-09 23:48:08: Added location request []
    05-09 23:47:12: Engine [FusionEngine] enabled
    05-09 23:47:12: Stopped low power NLP updates
    05-09 23:47:12: Stopped NLP updates

    SystemMemoryCache for
     type = 1
     id = eac6baac-7b6e-499a-962c-e948b2f83625
     cacheData = []



Absolute mystery.

Manual hand setting saving mode (mod 2, network, wifi) does not work!


1. Select GPS only (mod 3) and do not have GPS (No Fix)
2. Run an application that wants a location.
3. The position is not available (No Fix), the application asks for position and offers to choose positioning. OK. The application switches to a Hight Accuracy (mod 1, GPS, Network, wifi)
6. At this point, my cellphone gets a network location and wifi (GPS no fix)
7. Then manually switch to saving mode (mod 2, only network, wifi)

Position remains available and your mobile is working properly. (mod 2) and the GPS is off.

I did not find any other way to choose Mod 2.

This problem occurred on 8.5.2018 around lunch time.
I did not perform any extra operations, updates, installations on this day.

This procedure is a temporary solution. It's a mystery ...

Absolutná záhada.
Manualne ručné nastavenie úsporný režim (mod 2, network, wifi) nefunguje!


1. Zvolim len GPS (mod 3) a nemám signál GPS (No Fix)
2. Spustím nejakú aplikáciu ktorá chce polohu.
3. Poloha nie je dostupná (No Fix), aplikácia vyžiada polohu a ponúkne zvoliť získanie polohy. OK. Aplikácia prepne polohu na Vysoká Presnosť (mod 1, GPS, Network, wifi)
6. V tomto momente môj mobil získa polohu zo siete a wifi (GPS no fix)
7. Následne ručne prepnem na úsporný režim (mod 2, len network, wifi)

Poloha zostáva dostupná a mobil pracuje správne. (mod 2) a GPS je off.

Nenašiel som žiadny iný postup ako zvolit mod 2.

Tento problém nastal 8.5.2018 okolo obeda.
V tento deň som nevykonával žiadne extra operácie, aktualizácie, inštalácie.

Tento postup je provizórne riešenie. Je to záhada...


Unfortunately I also do not have good news.
In logs all seems to be correct.
Interesting is line 19257, where is clearly LocationManagerService: getBestProvider(Criteria[power=LOW acc=LOW], true)=network, which looks like "network provider" works correctly.
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Status recap:


Network Location provider - NOT WORKING
Better Location Provider - NOT WORKING (Probably because of no NLP)




I had plans to replace the battery and hoped that this could be solved.

Today, after the battery has been replaced, the defect has been removed.

The problem with the integrated batteries is that the device does not provide a cold start.
The device is always in the fast start setting. Replacing the battery has completely restarted and rebooted.

On old devices, it was enough to remove and insert the battery.


- Official help (ideas, questions, problems):
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download