"Track has re-calculated" loop

Started by Twouptourer, April 14, 2018, 00:54:48

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I am going to Japan next week, and I've downloaded the offline maps from Locus to my smartphone. 
I have created the routes externally, some on Google Maps, some on Motogoloco, in both cases exporting a KML file, which I can import into Locus Maps Pro okay.   I am using Locus to give me turn-by-turn directions just like a standard car GPS, and not for bush walking or other off-road pursuits.   I have set it to Navigation, not Guidance, and "Route Priority".  The manual was not clear enough to me decide whether "Point Priority" is a better choice, and happy to get advice on that option.

As a test, I created a local route the same way, and it worked fine, giving me verbal instructions for about half the trip, until it got confused, probably by deciding I had deviated off the expected path.  About every 30 seconds thereafter it kept telling me that "The track has been re-calculated".

That it would re-calculate was expected, as I have it set to re-calculate if I'm 100m off the track, but it did nothing other than repeat that warning, rather than continue forward to my destination.    I really need to have this sorted before I get on my motorcycle in Osaka next Saturday to navigate me across that mega-city, so all advice greatly appreciated.


An update to this.
Setting the Navigation to "Point Priority" instead of "Route Priority" seems to have resolved this.

That there isn't a TIP section making recommended settings for car style GPS usage is really annoying, a lot better than all this trial and error stuff trying to work out what combination of settings is required.

The lack of real world examples in the manual is a negative.


sorry for a delay in response. We were little busy with new version.
As we describe in manual here: http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:user_guide:functions:navigation:settings#auto-recalculation , "Route priority" settings is useful in case, you care about track more then about destination, so Locus Map will try to navigate you always back to track.
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Quote from: 0709 on April 16, 2018, 09:09:26
I tested a kml file from Motogoloco design by adding medium waypoints between start and finish. 
No optimal klm out as the waypoints are inserted as wpt_poi, not as necessary (router) Via points.
Locus_Brouter autorecalculate to point directly navigates to finish, thereby skips 'medium' wpt poi's.

Initially I had some problems with Motogoloco when creating a KML for my IGO Primo GPS, and I contacted them.
The trick is to NOT add medium waypoints!    Create a start point, then move long your chosen path placing an "End Here" marker at each point, progressively moving it along.  Not intuitive at all, but it works fine.   It also works fine for Locus.
My real problem was understanding the difference between the Route and Point priority, which the brevity of the manual descriptions could not help overcome.  Once you know, the descriptions are obvious, but descriptions should be prioritised for new users, or at least illustrated with some real world examples.