Spanish Marine Hydrographic Institute WMS maps available

Started by alf, April 12, 2018, 15:35:43

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The official up to date Spanish vector marine charts are now available for viewing as WMS services.
See "".
It is possible to use either their own WMS viewer, or Locus.
Other non commercial options are presented in their site.

In Locus, just add the following 4 WMS services:
for scales 1:350.000 - 1:500.000
for scales 1:90.000 - 1:350.000
for scales 1:22.000 - 1:90.000
for scales 1:4.000 - 1:22.000

The 3 first ones cover all of Spain including Baleares and Canary island
The last one covers some spots.

In the parameters, little to do:
- keep the CRS as the default one proposed by Locus (EPSG 3857) which is WGS 84 and allows to see in Locus the information concerning lights and wrecks
- select the top layer: this will select all the other ones
You are done.

Once the map opened, in the upper left corner, two buttons, one allowing to modify the parameters (you just need to modify the opacity if needed, the rest has to stay the same), the other allowing to view the information concerning the light (photo and light characteristics) or wreck located at the screen center.

I tried this using Locus 3.30.2 on a rather slow Internet connection on an antique PC using Remix Android clone: it worked perfectly and quickly.
As for other WMS maps, no offline use possible with Locus.