Author Topic: Q: Does Locus store distribute LiDAR SRTM data? Does the store overwrite them?  (Read 448 times)

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You may know the more precise LiDAR SRTM files which have a higher precision:

Locus  store does also distribute SRTM files. My questions:

a) Does Locus distribute LiDAR (if available for region) or standard SRTM files?
b) Will it overwrite SRTM files?

I'm especially interested in b) because I have carefully placed all LiDAR SRTM files. It's no problem ti get them back, but maybe the store overwrites with low precision SRTM files and unnoticed by me.


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no problem you can replace the default hgt files with your custom data.
However we already use the mentioned source (sonny) for hgt files that can be downloaded from store (except Italy and Spain).  So when you download the elevation data for example for Austria then you get exactly the same data as you can manually download from mentioned webpage.
It seems that Italy and Spain are quite new and we'll add them also into the store.
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