Track editor problem

Started by Iamat66, March 13, 2018, 23:39:16

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I have some problems with the track editor.
Some time it is working,  some time impossible to make change.

2 screens
First screen is the editor activated
In the second screen, you see, it is possible to select the point, but when I move my finger, the point don't move.
I can try and try and...
This is the same with the main green point and the red point
Thanks for your help

Edit : if I am waiting to long after selecting the point then it is impossible to move it
If I select and move directly than it is OK


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@lamat66: will you cruise the Anti-Atlas by bicycle or car ?


@michaelbechtold : with my truck 4x4 !

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Thanks guys, issue is in Track Editor and also Route Planner. Too long press on a single place caused "long click" event ... that usually display address. Will be fixed in next version (today? Maybe :) )
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