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Started by NickJP, January 14, 2018, 11:13:54

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I've installed a number of external map themes to see what they're like, using the quick install method. How do I get rid of the ones that I don't want? There doesn't seem to be any way within Locus to delete them. The themes seem to be all stored under the /Locus/mapsVector/_themes folder on the phone, with a separate sub-folder for each theme. Is it just a matter of deleting the folder(s) for the theme(s) that I don't want?


Quote from: NickJP on January 14, 2018, 11:13:54Is it just a matter of deleting the folder(s) for the theme(s) that I don't want?
yes, delete the folders.


Themes you install from Locus Store can be renoved via the store
Voluntary and Velocity themes -


Hmm is it secure to simply remove XML file + directory?

I see here two problems:

  • Locus handle only XML file. Which directory is needed for a theme is uknown
  • Some themes may share same directory, right? Then removing dir cause problems to other theme

I can imagine solution here. Analyze all xml files and check which directories (and image files) are needed and which not and remove un-necessary. Does it worth a lot of work here?
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@menion: Theme XML files can't share the same directory in Locus. If there are two XML files in the same directory, Locus shows neither theme. So it is safe to simply delete the directory containing the theme XML file.
Some themes do use a second directory for graphic resources which may be used by other themes. That cannot be deleted unless one is sure it is not used by another theme.

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