How to improve “Planner Interface”

Started by Iamat66, January 07, 2018, 19:29:16

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I have a samsung galaxy tab 800 screen 1600 x 2560
Here is a video that explain my problem.

I have big fingers ans it is difficult to type at the center of the + and - ico on the left.
If I type a lite on the bord of the icon then I select a other point !

My suggestion :

- is it possible to increase the size of the icon as the same size as the icon on top + and - icon

- 90% of the people are writing with the right hand. Is is better to move the 3 icons from the left to the right. It is more easy to tab on a large screen

- maybe it is possible to have the zoom "+ - Gps" also on the right but on the upper right screen .

This is my experience and suggestion for this new interface.
Ergonomics is important...

René (France)

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Good day lamat66,
thanks for a video and suggestions. Agree that route planner is currently not well optimized for tablets, not matter how big fingers user have.
For now, I may suggest two small tips:
- firstly, tap directly on visible points on map. It is not needed to center map on points and waste a time with it.
- secondly, for adding new points, you may long click on desired place. Again not needed to center map screen. Or you may directly tap on map if you don't care about precision too much ( if enabled in menu > top tools > quick drawing )

With this, you do not need bottom "+" button at all!
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