Vending machines for bicycle tubes / charging stations for eBikes

Started by mambofive, January 05, 2018, 10:24:16

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I'm looking for a (internal/external) LoMaps-theme which shows more bicycle-related information, like:

  • vending machines for bicycle tubes (OSM: amenity=vending_machine, vending=bicycle_tube) or
  • charging stations for ebikes (OSM: amenity=charging_station, bicycle=yes)
Currently, I use an overpass query and import this as POIs to Locus Maps, but it would be nice to have this information directly shown in the map (e.g. using the hike&bike theme). Or are these nodes excluded from LoMaps to save space?


More and more information in the cards. If only then selectable in the theme. What information do I want in the map and which not? For example, I do not want charging stations. I do not have an e-bike.
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The tags themselves are not included in the LoMaps
use the OpenAndroMaps, there are the tags included.
The OAM Elevate theme displays "bicycle_tube" but not "charging_station"
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these elements are not available in LoMaps. And honestly I'm not really sure if they should be in displayed on the map. However I'll add them to the map (to the map data, not the theme).