Recommendations for rugged, waterproof mobile phone

Started by GusGF, January 05, 2018, 01:39:30

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Taras D

QuoteIt would be interesting to know what it can do with the screen on all the time, hours wise for navigating. ... Trying to keep all ones devices charged up on a bike tour can be a challenge.

Good point. I don't normally use navigation mode while hiking and only refer to the phone occasionally (so screen is normally off). Having the screen always on will definitely increase battery consumption. I guess an external battery pack might become a mandatory accessory for long bike tours.


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Quote from: ohgood on January 14, 2018, 14:22:43
the Duraforce (4.5"), Duraforce xd (5.7") and Duraforce pro have been very good for me.

here are two mounts I've used on motorcycles doing hard Enduro , that work very very well.

and one that is even better

the Duraforce do not need cases.

The Duraforce reviews on Amazon don't look too good. What's the screen visibility like on sunny days?

It's about average as far as smartphones go. It's NOT a transflective display, so I won't be screaming with high visibility, but I use it on my bicycle and motorcycle in full sunlight without issue. It's tough enough to handle hugging trees several times each weekend on enduro mode, and dropped into a fire (twice!), along with some creek skipping. :-)


Quote from: GusGF on January 05, 2018, 01:39:30
So can anyone recommend a rugged phone (ideally with a handlebar mount, but that may be asking too much  ;D ) has to be waterproof and is Android of course.

I recommend and use myself a Sony Xperia Z1, Android, cheap, ANT+, waterproof, external powerconnect...

Just perfekt!