Self hosted live tracking (Latrine-Live)

Started by uatschitchun, December 12, 2017, 09:14:49

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Hi there!

I combined the original Latrine script by cyclenerd: Latrine  and a version posted here: by user yunorasp
into a new version:

No database needed, easy installation (only a html file & a php script), so ideal for self hosted solutions.

Try if you like :-)


  • Tracking: Server receives data from Android device with Locus Pro installed and live tracking enabled.
  • Live following: Data sent by Locus Pro is shown live on map together with moving data.
  • Track History: The track gets recorded and displayed.
  • Multiple map layers: Currently you can choose between OpenStreetMap, OpenCylceMap, OpenTopoMap, Hike & Bike (with Hillshading) and ESRI
  • Multiple map overlays: Currently you can choose between Hillshading, Contourlines, Waymarked Hike & Cycling
  • Multi-user: Authentication with key
  • Dialog for key: If link is given without a direct key, a prompt shows up for to enter the key
  • Disable Auto-Pan: Panning the map is active, as long as the popup is shown. When closing the popup, the user is able to en-/disable panning by checkbox
  • Delete files: It's possible to delete files on server by purpose
  • Housekeeping: If not stored on /tmp device, the created files 'key'.latlaon & 'key'.geojson are kept as long as housekeeping time is set in php file

Hope, someone likes it :-)

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tried it on my server, seems to work like intended so far. Will do further testing.

Thank you very much!


Nice to hear :-)


  • Messages: It's possible to provide a variable 'message' within locus and send free text with your position and moving data
  • Added Google hybrid map