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Started by 0709, November 20, 2017, 18:21:50

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UPDATE ! Locus 3.50.1  Operational ! (Import)

Gpx track navigation.

Instructions in trackpoints trkpt.

Trackpoints that contain a compatible [EN]sym are promoted to navigation instruction points.
The promoted trackpoints that contain [EN]type Via are announced.
The promoted trackpoints that contain [EN]type Shaping are not announced.

Only the Turn and Via points lead to navigation alerts and give distance values @ navigation.


- Navigates 100% faithfull after gpx track import even without (routable) maps present in the app.
- Manage/separate the free located (poi) waypoints without any risk to damage the navigation.
- Easy import, navigate 100% faithfull without "must" set: "Merge waypoints with imported track".
- Less fragile than the trk navwpt method with the more vulnarable associated waypoints.
- Compact POI wpt_list not cluttered by many associated wpt's as by the trk navwpt method.
- Synced gpx files to pc offers extra edit tools or an alternative for only Locus edit.
- You can simply add multiple additional selected freely positioned wpt's(poi) into the gpx file.
- Timestamps are not obligatory but recommanded and attached according to expected speed
- A single gpx file can also contain multiple navigation tracks including turn-by-turn instructions. 
  Contains the original plus several free to select alternative navigation tracks to choose from.

The Via trackpoints by the <sym>pass_place <type>Via can have a <name>text to be announced by TTS.

@ gpx IMPORT.
Locus map app. (V3.62.1)
:) Turn instructions by trkpt <sym>(turn) & Via Points by the trkpt <sym>pass_place
:) A <sym>pass_place <type>Shaping trackpoint is considered to be a "Silent Via Point"
:) Roundabout support.
:( A <sym>turn plus <type> Shaping or Via in the same trackpoint is NOT supported.

Cruiser app. (V3.0.0)
:) Turn instructions by trkpt <sym>(turn) & Via Points by trkpt <sym>pass_place and <type>shaping or via.
:) Shaping & Via Point transfers by point <type> in gpx (trk)track (trkpt) and (rte)route (rtept) or wpt.
:) A <sym>turn plus <type>Shaping or Via in the same track point is supported.
:) Straight line route planner support by the segment target trkpt <src>beeline and the BRouter app.[/i]
:) Roundabout support.

@ gpx EXPORT.
Locus map app.
:( Export is not supported

Cruiser app. (V3.0.0)
:) Shaping & Via Point transfers by point <type> in gpx (trk)track (trkpt) and (rte)route (rtept) or wpt.
:) Turn instructions by trkpt <sym>(turn) & Via Points by trkpt <sym>pass_place and <type>shaping or via.
:) Via and Shaping by type are 100% supported: By trkpt <type>Shaping is a non announced planner point.
:) U-turn & Shaping or Via Point at the same track point position is supported.
:) Straight line route planner support by the segment target trkpt <src>beeline and the BRouter app.[/i] 
:) Trackpoint timestamps according to the transportation mode selection are attached.
:) Roundabout support.

Locus Pro Classic 3.70.5


Could you give a little hint on what you are experimenting on? It's always hard to tell, what you want to tell :-)🤔


@uatschitchun. See > Advantages::)

Suggestion Idea Locus Route Planner.
Non existing function in actual Locus.

Router adds timestamps according to +/- realistic (personal) speed expectations.
Set your personal avg speed, visualised in the Locus % Slope trackcolor legend.
Personal variable speed within the % Slope zones by using the gpx <ele> data.
[Dark Blue_36kmh-Green_16kmh-Red_2kmh.

(Off bike 2kmh = non advised traject).

By the way...change or add timestamps is not critical using the trk_navtrkpt mode as the method does not need any "associated waypoint" for secure robustnavigation.

The speed specifier should not necessarily go from slow to fast.
For steep descents, the walking speed is slower than on flat terrain.

Anyway correct ETA calculations is a rather complex subject  :o
Locus Pro Classic 3.70.5


Yes, I had proposed before that at least average moving speed should be a "custom defined value" by every user(according to personal fit level,age,sex,terrain,activity etc.)
Locus already kind of have speeds based on different activities defined(in navigation/more/Travel time/ like mountain hiker --with flat moving speed=5 km/h, 700 Vertical meters/hour descending and 400  vertical meters/hour ascending speed etc)
We can define ourself the ascending and descending vertical speed and Locus should compute the time,according to these user defined values.
Do you also have a verified slope range set for mountain hiking?But here the gradation is larger -40 --- +40 % maybe ?


If Locus could analyze the actual  track recording during navigating a track,it would be best option for adjusting time estimate (because everyone is different... this way Locus can make a personalized slope range set chart with speeds according to everyone's fitness level)
But even if this is too much to ask, maybe if Locus would let us custom define the speeds according to slope angle(I can guess the average speeds for every slope range from the past experience).. this would also be good enough for accurate estimate the time to navigate the track