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Started by alanmcd, November 20, 2017, 00:38:54

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I have used GraphHopper for Navigation but the Distance to target is always weird. It keeps using e.g. an off-ramp totally unrelated to the route as the target distance. As soon as  pass it, it recalcs the distance to teh next unrealted street corner. The Navigation guide also show unrelated intersections and fails to advise on major freeway exits.
Is Map quest or any other service better? Best?



Good day Alan,

first best step is to check issue you write about here on this web page: https://graphhopper.com/maps/ . It's official web page of GraphHopper routing system.
If issue will be same on this page, then I hardly can do something with it and best is to report issue in GraphHopper forum. Otherwise please provide me start > end points of your navigation and maybe some screenshot of problematic place and I'll gladly check it. Thank you.
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