Trouble loading WMS layer of weather forecast

Started by staubi, May 14, 2011, 00:45:52

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I just found out about brilliant possibilities with wms support and searched for a weather overlay. I was looking for either a worldwide, EU or German service. Unfortunately the only two I found could not be imported into Locus (all others are just US and Canada services).
The URL I tried are the following:
- //
- //

At least the browser version of the NASA service seems to be brilliant and could extend Locus with some brilliant weather forecast information:

Do you have any idea about how to load this service? Any help is appreciated! ;-)

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  first - do not add &version= ... stuff into url. Locus will add it by it's own. So "" works fine

second nasa service. As I look they have wrong definition in it's capabilities file. I have tried it also in ArcGIS explorer and seems that there is really something wrong.
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