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Started by zossebart, September 19, 2017, 15:57:37

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Maybe I'm too dump, but where can I change the number of top panel buttons in 3.25.5? The manual is not very specific about where to find the setting or at least I can't find it (I thought Menu > Settings > Maps > Panels & Buttons > LAYOUT > Set function Panels?).

I'm pretty sure I changed this setting in the past but now can't find where any more.

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OMG I'm really dumb :-) so easy and simple and of course it's right there in the manual but I overread it :-( Thanks for the PDF illustration!


Hi zossebart, Willy

hmm easy maybe, but as usually, problem is how to get this information to user. There should be small blue hint rectangle, but as many times confirmed > nobody reads it :).
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In any case: the max amount of 5 is not justified. I remember the old dispute ...

Andrew Heard

Here is simple improvement - I love the right hand side panel - you can add any number of buttons and simply drag up or down to display all those buttons. A hidden feature! So why not use similar system for top panel buttons? My topic has 8 votes.
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