road surface map for inline skating

Started by ringen00, August 05, 2017, 12:08:17

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I've been inline skating the roads in my area now quite a while and come to the conclusion that I'd urgently would need a reliable system to avoid rough road surfaces when planning a route with locus.
I therefore now created two folders (under tracks) to collect good and bad road surface tracks. To 'collect' them I see no other way than to roll them first (more or less :-) ).
Before planning a new route for inline skating I now just have to make the tracks from the folder 'bad surface' visible and am now able to see every 'bad road' on the map just by looking at the colour of the track (I've chosen red crosses). The Start and Stop icons of the tracks are a bit unnecessary though...

- Do you see any other options for my purpose? Maybe with a map overlay?