Difference in recorded distance (2 phones, same track)

Started by uatschitchun, August 04, 2017, 20:36:01

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Hi there,

when jogging with my wife, we both record the track with locus. In the end we've got always a difference in length. It's about 200m on 5km and we can't see a misrecorded points!?

Anyone an idea?

It's a Honor 8 & a Honor 6x. Possible, the GPS are working different/wrong?


The same for me and my wife. I also set the same configuration but there is always a difference.
Gps measures are not so accurate as we think. Running with a friend the same track and both recording the track with a garmin forerunner we also have different distances.
So not only our smartphones but also devices like garmin running watches are involved in this problem.

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The total difference of 200m is the cumulative value from the small measured difference values per trackpoint. There are 4%, which I see as normal...