Gpsies - imported tracks not shown in Locus

Started by RobRoy2, July 21, 2017, 23:25:51

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Dear menion,

sorry for the hassle  :-[

I was right with my very last guess - the gpsies-app was the cause for the trouble I had.
I deleted the gpsies app and installed it new > now everything works fine once more.

I'm very, very sorry  :-\

Best regards, RobRoy2


Good day Rob,
heh, no need to sorry! Not everytime all works as expected. Next time, problem may be on Locus Map side.

Anyway in this case, you just re-installed GPSies application and all works fine? Nice!

One more thing. If you use GPSies app mainly for searching for tracks&routes, what is biggest problem that cause you not to use Locus Map for this task directly? You wrote that you do not see any routes in search results, I asked for a screenshot of your search parameters ( and please also your current map screen center coordinates as they are used in search) to help here or simulate this problem. If you will be interested in using GPSies in Locus Map directly, feedback is welcome.
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