additionnal form field (URL) of a trace

Started by madimax, June 24, 2017, 11:48:56

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How can we get access in the trace window of Locus to the URL "" which is available in the attached GPX file (metadata field) ?
This will allow to get direct access in Locus to additionnal information about the trace.
Thank's in adavance for your reply



Good day madimax,
this is currently not possible. Locus Map supports only links attached to points, not general links in metadata.

Anyway I stuck on this for a while and at least added supported for displaying these links like in case of points, so simply say: it will work in next Locus Map version. It anyway won't be possible to edit these links like in case of points, thanks for understanding.
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The goal of this additionnal form is only to get easy access to the URL of the trace, not to edit it.
You speak about such feature for waypoint : I can't see where you can see it  ?