Serious phone hang issue while recording - test results

Started by svartbjorn, May 09, 2011, 20:46:52

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I seem to have identified a very INTERESTING coincidence: Locus recording crash almost always happens at the moment I turn on/off the phone's screen with the hardware on/off button. After weeks of trying all kind of things, I started to see a pattern:
- when I didn't touch the phone (screen either on all the time or off all the time) when biking, running, driving to work, Locus very rarely crashed. I also recently had a 3 hour flight with 5 legs, phone screen on all the time and not a single crash.
- when I was running to work and Locus crashed the phone in the same area every single time (at least 10 times in a row), I finally realized that I every time had turned on the screen at the same place to check Locus.

This is what happens when I turn on or try to turn on the screen:
- either the phone is just dead already,
- or the screen turns on and I can operate Locus and the phone for some few seconds (about 5 seconds) and then the phone locks up completely with the message "Application Locus Pro does not respond" and the phone is dead.
- The recording either stops at this moment or I can see the track recording stopped last time I turned on/off the screen.

It does not crashes every time, but when it does, my observations above seem to be true every time. Hard to believe?

Now I have seen this repeatably for about 20 times. It seems very consistent. Can this tell you something?


yes, this is very interesting.

svartbojrn, I don't know what to do with you :). If I look on market, then HTC Desire is second most used phone with around 10000 users. If all of them have same problem, I think no one will be so patient with Locus as you. It really have to be some specific problem on your phone and without it in my hands I really do not have idea how can I help. The only thing ... please try another SD card. This still looks for me as main problematic part.
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