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Started by Menion, May 08, 2011, 11:27:42

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Alas, I hit the same as the similat post in the Esri forum, I need to change datum then reproject, I had the same issue with using an Esri Google API, that overlayed my maps with Google, I had to re-do my data, it couldn't handle on the fly conversion.






For France have a look at:

http://wms.geosignal.fr/metropole   (mapping and commune boundaries)

http://cartorisque.prism.net/wms/france   (this gives avalanche danger areas and is good to overlay on ski maps!)


For Germany

http://www.gis5.nrw.de/cgi-bin/dim_50   (mapping)

And for spain

http://www.idee.es/wms/MTN-Raster/MTN-Raster  (mapping)

Have fun,


Looking for ski piste wms overlay for the alps??


For the US, go here: //http://viewer.nationalmap.gov/example/services.html
Each link will take you to a maps service. Most, although not all, have WMS services.

There is an online viewer here that allows you to play will all the layers to see what might interest you: //http://viewer.nationalmap.gov/beta/

Of particular note
NEXRAD weather radar: //http://services.nationalmap.gov/ArcGIS/services/NEXRAD_Weather/MapServer/WMSServer

I have not tried all of these. Of the ones I have tried some work, and some don't.
For the NEXRAD radar I get three layers, but only the first one works. The other two cause an "Unknown Problem".
The USGS National Hydrography Data works great: //http://services.nationalmap.gov/ArcGIS/services/nhd/MapServer/WMSServer. This shows you streams, rivers, etc, with the direction of flow.
The Vector Base Map - Large Scale works: //http://services.nationalmap.gov/ArcGIS/services/TNM_Vector_Large/MapServer/WMSServer. This gives a nice overlay for a satellite image.
BUT The Vector Base Map - Small Scale does not show anything at all: //http://basemap.nationalmap.gov/arcgis/services/TNM_Vector_Small/MapServer/WMSServer  WHY?
The Contours - Small Scale also does not work. It just overwrites the entire map with a uniform color. //http://basemap.nationalmap.gov/arcgis/services/TNM_Contours_Small/MapServer/WMSServer This is a real pity, because a contour overlay would be really nice  :cry:

I notice that the last two are listed as "tiled" rather than "dynamic". Perhaps this has something to do with it?

I'm going to try a few more, especially the scanned Topo maps (it would be great if that one works!)

A note for Menion. This is really a full vector map of the US. And it's public domain. You can use any of the information available from here for anything you like.


I have now also tried these:

US National Map Gazetteer (Geographic Names Service) //http://services.nationalmap.gov/ArcGIS/services/geonames/MapServer/WMSServer. This works very nicely, and allows you to overlay anything from the geonames database on the map.

Scanned Topo Maps: //http://raster.nationalmap.gov/ArcGIS/services/DRG/TNM_Digital_Raster_Graphics/MapServer/WMSServer. These work, but they are of course just the same as the ArcGIS topo maps. So not so useful after all. If we could make a WMS layer semi-transparent they might be more useful.

Transportation: //http://services.nationalmap.gov/ArcGIS/services/transportation/MapServer/WMSServer. Nice. Allows an overlay of roads on satellite images. The lines are very thin and hard to see though. Is there anything that could be done to improve that?

Ecosystems: //http://rmgsc.cr.usgs.gov/arcgis/services/ecosys_US/MapServer/WMSServer. This works, but it hides the underlying map. We could really do with the ability to make a WMS overlay semi-transparent. I have now noticed that the weather radar hides the underlying map for the same reason, which makes it much less useful  :(

FWS Wetlands: // This works well, but don't turn on the metadata layer. If you do, then the underlying map is hidden (the transparency problem again).

Structures: //http://services.nationalmap.gov/ArcGIS/services/structures/MapServer/WMSServer. This works. It shows you schools, police and fire stations, etc The icons are very small and hard to see though.

Government units: //http://services.nationalmap.gov/ArcGIS/services/govunits/MapServer/WMSServer. This works. I think the most useful feature is that it allow you to overlay zip codes on the map.

I also tried a large scale version of the National Hydrography Data: //http://services.nationalmap.gov/ArcGIS/services/NHD_Large/MapServer/WMSServer. The link for this is from a different source. It works (although, as with transportation, the lines are rather thin and hard to see), except at the largest scale. If you enable the layers at the largest scale Locus shows "Unknown Problem".


Some more WMS services:

Netherlands Met Office. This has several layers, including weather radar //http://geoservices.knmi.nl/cgi-bin/RADNL_OPER_R___25PCPRR_L3.cgi

Norway Met Office. This has many layers, and covers all or Europe. Unfortunately does not provide weather radar, but does show cloud cover, wind speed and direction, and more: //http://openmetoc.met.no/metoc/metocwms

German Met Office. Has past weather information (such as rainfall in the last 3 weeks) but that seems to be all.  //http://maps.dwd.de/geoserver/wms

Australia. Lots of layers. Some work, most don't. Has weather radar, but those layers are some that don't work  :(  //http://ows.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/mapserver/users/bomw0473/latest

US nowCOAST service. Lot's of layers. including another weather radar //http://nowcoast.noaa.gov/wms/com.esri.wms.Esrimap/obs

Nighttime lights for the whole world. Kind of pointless, but kind of cool too  :)   //http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/eog/maps/cgi-bin/public/ms/poster/

This shows wild fires and fire risk in Europe.  //http://geohub.jrc.ec.europa.eu/effis/ows


thanks. It so much map ... :)) I have to find some time one day and check them and actualize recommended maps on homepage and in application
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Yes it's a lot of maps  :D  But I posted everything that I found that works, and some are much more interesting than others. My choices are:

In the US. NEXRAD and/or nowCOAST for the weather radar. If you have satellite images as maps then Hydrography Data, Transportation, and US National Map Gazetteer are useful overlays.

In Europe. The Norway Met office. If you are in the Netherlands, the weather radar service.

The nighttime lights map is useless, but a cool thing to show your friends.

Regarding so many maps, I have a request. The name of the map is whatever the WMS server provides, but sometimes that is kind of meaningless to me, and in at least one case (Norway Met office) it's blank. I would like to be bale to assign my own name instead. It would make it much easier to remember which map is which.


Please prepare this WMS server for using on Locus, this is Croatian State Fundament Maps (1:5000):


Thanks forwarding.



And please, I forget:

If you can implement on Locus Map too High resolution orthophoto + Topo Maps 1:25000 of Croatia with many layers (i think it is tile set map form):


I think you can from here started preparing and modifing:


I know i ask maybe too many, but i really need this maps (free time and job).

Thank You forwarding.



Hi Menion,

is it possible for users to add WMS servers as we need them?  I have a regional server and I am interested in their aerial photos.

http://geodata.crdatlas.ca/gis9x/servic ... /WMSServer

thanks Don


Is it possible to save or cache the wms data for later offline use ?

regards frodo


Hi guys, thanks all for enormous number of WMS services. My girlfriend will take care of this and select best of them that will be added as suggestion into app and on Locus homepage.

and about caching ... no this is not possible. Everytime you enable/disable any layer, url to server has change, so it will always be different image. So no caching is enabled for WMS maps
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Any way for us to add our own WMS services?  If not, any suggestions as how I can get WMS maps and create locus maps manually?


how to add own WMS map? But for this is "plus" button on bottom of WMS page in Locus. Application for WMS maps without ability to ad down maps should be funny :)
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he he - thanks.  Helps if I have the current version!