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Started by Menion, December 11, 2010, 17:54:14

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Ach jo...  Vypada to moc pekne, ale stale sem neprisel nato jak to nastavit? Nake sem si stahl pres locus...

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I made 200 icons. Converted icons from the Internet, etc..
Different shapes and colors.

http://narod.ru/disk/54693334001.0c1afe ... 1.zip.html


Where are the icons in Locus, I placed into the directory "navigation" and "icons" but it does not seem to be done?
Thank you.


  did you tried to choose icon for some point on points category for example? To check if icons are available or not. You may also download some free icons from Locus Shop. They'll be placed on correct place so you can check if you have your icons also placed into correct place.
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Quote from: "scinkk"jeste jsem postahoval gpx soubory z poi.cz a vygeneroval kml
Proč to nestáhneš z poi.cz v kml rovnou? Navíc to má pak i češtinu...


If someone is interested,

I just did some additions to the gazoline icon set above. Some new brands from Germany, Belgium, France, Scandinavia and also a Routex logo.