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Started by roelofdebeer, April 17, 2017, 00:06:34

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When adding a waypoint in Locus 3.23.0 with the 'add new point' button, under 'Location' I can choose 9 options; for example 'GPS', 'Screen centre', 'Select on map'...

I always like to plot the point in 'screen centre', when I select this option, its ok for one time, but the next time I plot another point, the setting is automatically turned back to 'GPS'. This is annoying because everytime I plot a point I have to change this to 'Screen centre'  and I often forget, so the point is plotted wrongly....

It would be much more convenient if Locus would remember my last choice.

In the past I never had this problem..

Thank you for looking at this.



This has been changed recently, because - unlike you - the majority of users prefers to create a new point at the GPS position (instead of the map center). This is the intuitive behavior that also traditional GPS receivers have.
But you can tweak the default to your needs: Settings-->Maps-->Points&Tracks-->Location source for new point (may slightly differ, I have translated it on the fly as my menu is in German)

Hope this helps.


You can change in the settings. Is completely new since the last updade

Settings/Maps/Map Content/Points & Tracks/New point default location
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thanks so much for your help, all cleared up.