Cannot import GPSies gpx´s..

Started by Coolhawk, March 16, 2017, 22:40:55

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in short my system:
LG G4 (LG-H815)
Android 6.0
Locus Pro Version 3.22.1

I oftren tried now to import GPX files that i have downloaded from, Download it to PC, via email to Smartphone and than to dried to import.

Every time the same. A small window with a pendig small blue line is open..(importing) and thats it. That happens with files 50k or 500k bytes. Like a freeze. I must shut down it about the app and stop it.

What is it? What make i wrong? Anywhere i read about a wrong named database? It sucks a little. Have anyone a solution or a hint?

That would be great, many thanks in advance...



at first, please share some file with us so we may check if file is valid, thanks. Otherwise at least I'm not aware about any problem with import GPX/KML files with latest version.
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Sry for the delay, a little busy atm.

Attached a file that i cant open. Many thanks for checking in advance.



This track has 250 waypoints (<wp>). Locus displays "too many labels / zu viele Beschriftungen" after opening but the track is opened anyway.
So imho there are two mistakes: one in Locus (why these waypoints generate an error?) and one in the track itself (stupid waypoints - one for each Kilometer, labeled i.e. 1km)
I deleted the waypoints an attach the track.