Automated exporting recorded tracks to GDrive is not working

Started by kamilw, March 07, 2017, 18:11:57

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I have a profile to record my tracks. There is an option to automatically save a recorded tracks and export them to a file. As a directory I've chosen a folder in GDrive. After a rides no file appears on my GDrive. Can Locus Pro save it on GDrive automatically?


as i know there is no difference Free to Pro
Have you  enabeled "Share exported data" and confirmed it with "SET"
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It is not about "share exported data". I don't want to have a share menu opened automatically to choose to export it to GDrive or wherever. I would like to have that data exported automatically when I click on button "stop record a track".
I have set a path to a folder on GDrive. I can open a track's details, click on export and Export. And it works. The file is being sent to GDrive DIRECTLY from Locus to GDrive. Without any other applications. The Share menu is not needed. So why the direct export to GDrive is not working if I have chosen that it should be done automatically? For me it is a bug.

I don't know why in my profile the path where a file has to be saved was now set to a local directory. :/ Now I set it to save file on GDrive again. I will check later if it had changed by itself.

It works.