Cursor no longer displays information of elements

Started by pere, March 03, 2017, 21:13:46

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I used to see information displayed when passing the cursor over an element:

For some reason, this is not working any more. I have checked all the settings but I couldn't find what  is causing the issue:

Can anyone help me?


Hello and wellcome to forum :)

take a lock at your setting:
settings/Maps/Points&Tracks/Points popup content/labels on map >on hover
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Thanks for quick reply. It was not that (I had already set this to on hover)

I ended fixing it clearing the map cache. Strange!


Hi pere,
when I look on your images in detail, it looks like on second screenshot it different map with different map theme and also no existing POI database. To have points clickable, it's needed to use LoMaps with downloaded point database or use any alternative MapsForge based map but again with attached points database.
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Hi menion,

I noticed the screenshots show a different theme, I was using two different devices. Changing the theme did not make any effect. They are both LoMaps.

Is it possible that the point database got detached or something?