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Started by eldron, January 19, 2017, 12:07:01

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I have a couple of questions about download an online map (e.g. google maps).
I´m trying to download a larger map area in higher zoom levels, so the 10000 tile limit was reached and I can´t continue until tomorrow - which is fine for me, as I have plenty of time until I need the map.
So here are the questions:
1) How can I see that a map download is unfinished? When I check the Map details there is no mentioning of an incomplete map.
2) I would like to download another map (from a different source, e.g. OSM), but whenever I click on the "download" button I just get told that there is still an unfinished download (of course there is...) and I can only select "delete", "cancel" or "continue" . Does that mean I can´t download another map until the first download is finished, even if the other map is from a different source?



Your question #2 kind of answers questions #1 :-)

Locus keeps track of unfinished. And if you try to continue you are told to wait.
Once you get no reference to a pending download you know you are done.

Multiple parallel donwloads from different maps sources require different Locus instances. E.g. VMware based


That´s kind of what I expected to hear  :(
But wouldn´t it be easily possible to allow multiple map downloads? You´d only need an extra screen where you can manage your current downloads. I´m just asking, as a high zoom level download can easily require a few days and in the meantime you can´t download any other maps...
I´d be willing to pay for a higher tile limit, but as far as I am aware you can´t increase the tile limit for google map downloads or can you?
I also think it would be useful to mark a map that hasn´t been downloaded completely as incomplete on the map screen or at least the map details screen.