No voice during navigation simulation

Started by Andrew Heard, October 31, 2016, 01:22:03

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Andrew Heard

I have noticed a difference in navigation simulation operation between me and 0709. See - Willy has GPS turned off - navigation simulation - and TTS voice (beeps) are correctly heard as each waypoint is approached.

But when I perform the exact same with his supplied track and nav_audio files, no TTS voice is heard. If instead I use a GPS simulator eg. Lockito each waypoint is correctly announced, same as 0709.

So a question with my setup, why should navigation announcement occur with "proper" GPS (GPS icon green) but not with GPS simulation (GPS disabled, dragging map)? Thanks for any advise.
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Andrew Heard

For others possible benefit - 0709 has pointed out that I change setting config.sys speed_for_moving_cursor_when_gps_off from 0.0 (default) to 5.0. And this fixes my problem - now there is a voice announcement during navigation GPS simulation. Thank you so much 0709 - yet once again.

Setting comment says # set speed for moving cursor on map when GPS is off (in m/s) (default: 0.0)
#  - value <= 0 disable this feature. I don't really understand what this setting is supposed to do.
LM4.23.1.7 GOLD user ID:c7d47597a


What does it do? When you have disabled GPS, then there is logically no detected movement. If you then start navigation, movement is based on your movement on map center cross anyway still no speed. And this settings say, that when GPS is off, speed of your map center movement will be define value. And because almost everything in navigation is around your speed, Locus needs it to compute voice TTS announcements.
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Andrew Heard

Thanks for explanation.
>. If you then start navigation, movement is based on your movement on map center cross
>anyway still no speed
OK - I wrongly assumed the speed of map dragging would be calculated as the simulated position speed

Is this setting needed then, and/or is default value of 0 any use? Probably good historical reason I guess. If GPS is turned off for simulation of position why not just assume this speed setting speed_for_moving_cursor_when_gps_off  is 5.0 unless user has specifically set to non-zero value?
LM4.23.1.7 GOLD user ID:c7d47597a