How to remove the blue top bar from custom screeens?

Started by Bluealek, October 12, 2016, 22:21:16

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There is something puzzling me - in all your snapshots the custom screens are without the blue bar at the top, but I don't seem to find a setting anywhere to remove it (pressing the back arrow on the bar exits the custom screen). How do you do it? Here's what a custom screen on my Android phone looks like.



i think you mix "custom screen" and "dashboard"

As i know in CS always display this blue top bar.
So use e.g. a dashboard from
or built it by your own[]=dashboard
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Some switches on the side of the screen (the small gray rectangle) after press closes the upper panel

+ button bar on the right side to make items visible or hide them:
+ Button #1: top panel, to get more space on custom screen
+ Button #2: all waypoint informations
+ Button #3: speedmeter
+ Button #4: compass rose
+ Button #5: map as background
+ button bar on the left side to make items visible or hide them:
+ Button #1: shows PACE for runners
Just tap on a button, to make an item visible or hide it!
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Thanks a lot, that was the right solution! In this custom screen that I used in my sample image, it was the top button of the right sidebar.

One more question - when creating dashboards (not custom screens), it isn't possible to change the font of fields, is it?



You can not change the font style, size and color only.
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