Sunrise/Sunset Values for Dashboard?

Started by Sonny, September 15, 2016, 22:02:53

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Sometimes I want to know what time the Sunrise is when hiking outdoors. I know, I can use the Weather-function of Locus. But just if an Internet connection is available which is not always true outdoors.

The only offline sunset-info in Locus I found, is the "Sunrise/Sunset"-entry in the large, top text field. But I have to switch to this entry first cause usually I'm displaying other stuff there. And not the (for me prefered) time OF sunrise (e.g. 19:24h) is displayed, but the time TO (e.g. 1:58h) sunrise, which is changing every minute. 

Wouldn't it be possible to provide both, a sunrise- and sunset- item for the use within dashboard? That would be an ideal, offline solution!


Good day sonny,
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From my point of view, this is information that should be read once per day. "So when sunset happen - ah at 7 o'clock, fine". So I do not see extra reason to have this information in dashboard. Sorry.

Anyway agree that exact time (instead of "time to") may be useful if you hurry. I'll add it to top panel as well.
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Hm, I guess a countdown till sunset a/o citizen twilight can be very useful for outdoor usage, for on-road-planning of save travel or a camp breaking.

Andrew Heard

I used to find time to sunset (in top panel) useful when on long rides that continue through afternoon into night, but in scramble to have most useful buttons I now cover up that display with other buttons.
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I also would appreciate having time to sunset information available in the dashboard. I'm out riding in the evening quite often, so this information is of interest for me, but I would like to use the top panel to display other information.