Sonny's LiDAR Digital Terrain Models of Europe

Started by Sonny, September 11, 2016, 21:17:19

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Good news: After lots of hours research, contact with different institutes across the country, quality checks etc. there's for the first time a high-quality DTM of the whole United Kingdom

For about 75% of England, Wales, Northern Ireland fine LIDAR source data available, Scotland
unfortunately (beside river valleys and coasts) is not covered as well. For the areas not covered with fine LIDAR-data I used OS DTM-50m which is wider gridded but also based on LIDAR source data and hence especially in wooden areas more accurate than SRTM data.

Enjoy the new DTMs of the UK!


Since some weeks LiDAR source data of the whole territory of France in its finest resolution is available as OpenData. So during the last weeks I created enhanced DTMs of France:

Additionally Wallonia (Souther Belgium) also provides their LiDAR sources in its finest resolution as OpenData. So I created enhanced DTMs for Belgium too, now the whole country is complete in highest resolution:

Have fun, Sonny.


Hello, do you have this data for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland?


I'm not sure if there are Opendata LiDAR sources avalable for these coutries yet. If you know some, please post the links where to get them.
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I created a new Version of Swiss DTMs, with great improvements in large parts of the country:

They are based on new high-quality OpenData sources of Swisstopo.

By the way: I created a Twitter account to post news and answer questions. If you want me to follow:


I created new DTM of the whole of Germany. Not each federal state is offering OpenData elevation data yet. Please open the image "_Sources.png" in the download package to check the type of Sourcedata for each region.

Furthermore I created a new DTM of Slovakia, please check:


By the way: There's one European country left which offers precise 1m-OpenData Lidar source data: Poland.

But it's not possible to download the enourmous data for the whole country due to the limitations in the download methods. I already contacted the Polish office (GUGiK), but they seem not willing to improve their download methods nor offering an alternativem less dense gridded DTM (e.g. 10m) for the whole country which would result in an ideal file size to download.

If somebody of you is interested in a Lidar-DTM of Poland, you could contact them too, to make them understand the request for a countrywide download of their elevtion data.

Info site is:
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There's a new version (v2) of DTM Austria, my oldest DTM. Therefor I downloaded the latest LiDAR source data of Austria's federal states.

Additionally I created 2 models with finer resolutions (10m and 0.5"). These fine gridded models will kept limited to Austria.


Thank you Sonny,
your links to are broken.
Where can we get your LIDAR-Data?

Sonny is going to be transfered to a new operator, run by a governmental department. After necessary adaptions the site is going to be online again.

The downloadlinks itself are still active, but I don't want to post them in public, cause they could be outdated in the future. So neanwhile you can send me a PM with your DTM of interest and I'll send you the download links.

Btw: If there are news, I'll post it on my twitter channel


Hmmm, it takes a long time, this move. Maybe I can help pack the box ...  ;)


Can I also save the files as a ZIP ? Or can Locus not read them then. I have saved them internally.
If ZIP goes, must then all ZIP be or does it also go as ZIP and unpacked mixed.
Since then I have each unzipped and then pushed to the phone. But is a lot of work. And it also takes until they are moved via USB. For quick and practical tips I am grateful.
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I'm not sure if Locus is able to read or unzip .zip-Files.
But I can tell you a useful tip to bulk unzip files on a PC: I'm using software "WinRAR", mark all files I want to unzip, right mouse click and select "Extract Here" from the menu. Now all files are unzipped into the same directory


I created new DTMs of Germany and Luxembourg

For Germany I used new LiDAR source data of Hessen and Bayern. And the quality of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Saarland, Niedersachsen, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern got significantly improved, especially in wooden areas.
For Luxembourg I used finer LiDAR source data.

Have a good time!