Car profile by Poutnik, improvements needed

Started by Menion, September 07, 2016, 08:42:29

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Ahoj Menione,

I have realized that the FastEco profile based on not yet published 1.0.23 already chooses the same route as the Fast one.
Only the Eco uses the small streets as FastEco of v1.0.22, as turn penalization increases Fast < FastEco < Eco.
But I do not recommend the Eco profile much.

Edit> Additionally, I have noticed there is low difference in max speed for the particular primary ( 50 km/h ) and tertiary ( 40, resp 30 ),so there is low pressure for preferring the primary.

Note that addressing your objection is very tricky. Profiles miss much of the context of reality,  OSM data or of your speed time profile. It is programmed to penalize  turns of fast roads more than turns of slow roads, as turns on fast roads cost more time and money. But it may not be always the case in the city. Particular scenarios can fool the profile logic.




There is another thing yet.

The supposed optimal route has 3 traffic signals nodes, while the tertiary alternative just one.They are penalized as causing time a/o money cost ( least by Fast, the most by Eco ). So the Eco profile is not really bad in trying to avoid them.


Hmm is this really correct idea? If you ride on main road over Prague/Brno with many traffic lights, that if you ride 50km/h , you should get only green lights in most cases. I know, sometimes happen that there is a high traffic and you have to stop on every light you met :). Anyway from my point of view, penalize traffic lights just because you expect they will slow you down (which is not always correct) is not ideal. Till there will be some real-time consideration of current traffic, I think trat traffic lights should not be penalized.
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You should get does not mean you get :-)  For random placement of the lights, and for both directions simulataneously, it is near imposible to maintain green wave.

And even if it was possible, it cannot work simultaneusly for both straight ahead and turning directions.
Unfortunately, BRouter cannot detect your course at the traffic lights.

Imagine 2 otherwise comparable 15 km long primary roads. Once goes around the city, the other across the city with 10 traffic lights. You are cought by 3 of them, whaty costs you waiting, breaking and acceleration. Are you sure you do not prefer the former one ?

It is obvious that traffic light do not delay you always. But there is need to caunt with probability. As illustrative example, if it delays you e.g. 1 km ( you would be 1 km farther without it ) with probability 0.2, there is need to take as avg penalty 200 m.