Offline Map in WhereYouGo ?

Started by Mugi, April 25, 2011, 13:49:35

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I still have them on my harddrive, contact me per PM.


Hi! I currently installed WhereYouGo and I'm also looking for offline maps. Unfortunately the 0.2.4. version of the maps on mapsforge seem to be no longer available. Is there any other source for offline maps I can use with WhereYouGo? Would be especially interested in bavaria, but other states/countries could get interesting, too. TIA


hmm unfortunately I don't have any older maps stored, so I'll not be much helpful here. Anyway many people wrote me already because of WhereYouGo. Even if this program is released as openSource program for more then year, seems no one wants to continue in this. So I already spend around two days on it and seems that I'll create something like "WhereYouGo as an independent add-on to Locus", so WhereYouGo will remain as is, just map part will be used in Locus. Cannot promise anything now, but would like to release some beta during February
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Yeah, whereyougo integrated in locus, that's the way to go! ;)
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That sounds promising!


Great idea.


Is Wheryougo alrwady scheduled to be implemented.

I see lots of people using the Wheryougo app, since it is still the only and very good Android option.
Disadvantage is the usage of the old 0.2.4 maps. I really would make the time available to implement the new maps acceptance, but have no clue how to....:-?:-?:-?:-?
Old maps are really hard to get these days and take double the space on the device since v3 is already there.