Customizable screen for GPS data

Started by MaleSmurf, April 25, 2011, 10:30:51

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Hi Menion!

Just kidding... because you said that the work for CMS would take some time and would not be as fast as we wish... The variables which you already have done are really great  :shock: . There is not much more possible, maybe for gps...  :lol:

So I think I'm very slow. Still need some time to figure out how to do some XML on android to create nice CMS.
By the way, is it possible to use different fonts in CMS? What fonts can be used? External fonts too or from the phone/android only?


fine. Look at my examples. I'm sure they are clear enough.

About another fonts ... I have to look at it. I would like to add support for true type fonts, but actually you can use only predefined font type. So no choice for you. What for gps? Ahh some stats from gps screen right? And maybe some stats from compass screen also. Maybe some other stats also about battery and some system stats .. we will see :) ... almost everything is possible ;).

I hope that at least one usable screen will be available. From you or from mine production. But I'm not much design skilled ... I just want at least one skin to attach to release for others... (as default)
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Yes, stats from the compass screen... sats in view, used sats, sat fix, signal strength from all possible sats, pdop, hdop, vdop... just everything which is possible so that all kind of CMS could be made  :D